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A former project is a Coot ATV. This was one of the original 4wd ATV's, built from '68 to '85, in San Fransisco. A friend of mine in Grand Junction, CO owns this, and brought it to WBSG for restoration.
Here it is...as delivered. One well used, slightly modified Coot. 18hp Tecumseh engine, 4WD, and the body pivots in the middle. This machine is also amphibious. Cockpit view...Winch is an add on, as well as the left fuel tank. I'm not sure about the stainless under the winch. Rear compartment. Driveshaft tunnel is vertical in middle of picture, rear axle goes crosswise.
Engine and transmission is under the fromt seat. I think two people up front, two plus a cooler in the rear. Tunnel between front and back halves. This is where it pivots, and the drive shaft passes through. Here's the drive train...engine is belt driving the transmission (reverse, neutral, 2 forward gears is my guess...). The chain drives the axles
The two body halves, ready to go to paint. I will rebuild the engine, axles and gear boxes while it is away. Hemi orange body, black powder coat on roll cage. Here's the old driveshaft cover...the bottom on both sides is just gone. Here is the new cover I made. I still have to put one little extension bracket on it, that I saved from the old cover.
The front gearbox all rebuilt and repainted. The brass gear inside looked like brand new. Inside the rear gear box. It looks like it ate something hard sometime, but didn't damage the gear very bad. It also looks like the factory hammered the floor of the gearbox down a bit for clearance. Here's the worm gear above the brass gear. Front and rear differentials are identical.
The transmission as found... An inside view. There is some rust on some gears. We have forward, neutral and reverse. Reassembled with a fresh coat of John Deere black spray paint. Good stuff.
The engine with fresh paint. Looked good inside. After long last, the body is back! Bright orange. Inside the rear tub. Rebuilt gearbox, and the new driveshaft cover I built to replace the old, rusty one.
Steering. Seats will be put in when the Coot is back
 home in Grand Junction, CO
Drive train Temporary gas tank, just to drive it. The original is at the
radiator shop getting cleaned and sealed.